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Rated annuity, impaired risk, no load, medically underwritten and standard immediate annuity income for life quote systems.
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  • Immediate Income For Life -        Call 800-373-9697 for a quote or Click Here
    Male 65 - 6.35% For Life
    Male 70 - 7.00% For Life
    Male 75 - 8.01% For Life
    Female 65 - 6.17% For Life 
    Female 70 - 6.76% For Life 
    Female 75 - 7.65% For Life 

    SPIA Quote.com was created to deliver the highest possible guaranteed income immediate annuity quotes from over a dozen top insurance companies. Our founder is a 37 year veteran of the insurance industry and a nationally recognized expert and advocate of immediate annuities. We specialize in Age Rated medically underwritten annuities as well as qualified plan rollovers and non-qualified funds.
    Sample SPIA Rates and Quotes | Versatility In SPIAs



    Deferred Annuities Now Available
    Guaranteed interest for a fixed period, much like a bank CD
    . For current rates click here.

    May Special - 3.05% for 6 Years

    For a quote call (800) 373-9697 or fill out our deferred annuity rates.

    Our Mission
    It is simple! Providing the highest guaranteed income from the most secure and highly rated insurance companies. As a completely independent entity, SPIA Quote.com will provide an impartial recommendation based on pricing and carrier strength. If your health has been an issue, an underwritten age rated immediate will
    allow the insurance carrier to pay higher income due to the shortened life expectancy. For a quote call (800) 373-9697 or fill out our on-line immediate annuity quote request form.

    Company Profile - About us
    Over 18 years experience and a billion dollars placed with insurance companies!

    I started SPIAQuote.com after being completely immersed in the immediate annuity marketplace for 10 years. Working directly under a 35 year industry veteran, we had our collective finger on the pulse of immediate annuities and felt it beginning to throb. Foreseeing an influx of new immediate annuity products and less experienced sales personnel, SPIA Quote.com was created to educate and simple explain what makes a quality immediate annuity product. SPIA Quote.com has been a major industry advocate for immediate annuities for well over a dozen years. We have a client oriented approach that results in the highest income from the top rated companies. And it is all guaranteed! We make sure you have the best payout and most secure company by quoting with our exclusive industry comparison system. We specialize in 1035 exchanges, pension and qualified rollovers and can produce the highest payout for you.

    We are immediate annuity experts, try us and see why our clients say they are so glad they found us!

    SPIA Annuity Brochure
    Download our immediate annuity income brochure PDF here.

    Sample SPIA Quotes - 2015

    Lifetime Income SPIA With 100% Money Back Guarantee Refund Death Benefit.
    Income begins 1 month after deposit.
    Gender / Age 

    Monthly Income

    Annual Percentage Return P&I

    Tax Free Portion
    Male 60 $484.34 5.81% 65% Tax Exclusion
    Male 65 $529.49 6.35% 69% Tax Exclusion
    Male 70 $582.95 7.00% 75% Tax Exclusion
    Male 75 $667.39 8.01% 76% Tax Exclusion
    Male 80 $769.63 9.24% 86% Tax Exclusion
    Male 85 $886.09 10.63% 87% Tax Exclusion
    Gender / Age 

    Monthly Income

    Annual Percentage Return P&I

    Tax Free Portion
    Female 60 $469.53 5.63% 66% Tax Exclusion
    Female 65 $514.56 6.17% 71% Tax Exclusion
    Female 70 $562.98 6.76% 75% Tax Exclusion
    Female 75 $637.55 7.65% 81% Tax Exclusion
    Female 80 $737.48 8.85% 85% Tax Exclusion
    Female 85 $857.94 10.30% 85% Tax Exclusion
    Gender / Age 
    100% Joint Lives ONLY

    Monthly Income

    Annual Percentage Return P&I

    Tax Free Portion
    Male 65 / Female 60 $451.60 5.42% 66% Tax Exclusion
    Male 70 / Female 65 $488.81 5.87% 72% Tax Exclusion
    Male 75 / Female 70 $539.87 6.48% 78% Tax Exclusion
    Male 80 / Female 75 $610.54 7.33% 78% Tax Exclusion
    Non-Life Fixed Period ONLY ($100,000 Premium)

    Monthly Income

    Guaranteed Total Return
    Over Term
    Tax Free Portion
    5 Year Certain ONLY $1,709.00 $102,540.00 97% Tax Exclusion
    10 Year Certain ONLY $941.69 $113,002.80 89% Tax Exclusion
    15 Year Certain ONLY $686.16 $123,508.80 81% Tax Exclusion
    20 Year Certain ONLY $562.33 $134,959.20 74% Tax Exclusion

    Annual Percentage Return P&I: This is the annual percentage needed in any other vehicle to guaranteed the same income without out ever running out of money! 

    Quotes may vary in some states due to state premium taxes.

    Various Insurance Companies Rated (A+ or A) By A.M. Best
    Based on $100,000 - Life With Installment Refund - Non Premium Tax State
    Payment will remain the same for LIFE!

    Contact Information
    Feel free to contact us for personalized immediate annuity (SPIA) service.

    Telephone - Live quotes
    Postal address
    5530 Corbin Avenue, Suite 101 - Tarzana, CA 91356
    Nationally Licensed  - CA Insurance License #0518378 #0B91910
    Electronic mail
    General Information: Jeff@spiaquote.com
    Sales: Service@spiaquote.com
    Customer Support: Service@spiaquote.com
    Webmaster: Service@spiaquote.com
    Licensed in:
    Most States as of 05
    Jeff Affronti agent of record.
    Looking for information on an annuity?

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